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We serve a wide selection of herring as well as Danish classic lunch dishes.

We strive to make as much as possible from scratch!

It should just be mentioned that we have a quite sensible selection of schnapps - probably always 30-40 varieties. Very cold, cold, and from the "box"

We serve dinner on all days of the week from 18-20. There is one dish on the menu - the dish of the day - which varies from day to day.

In addition, you can, on all days, get Parisian steak with garnish and pan-fried plaice fillet with potatoes and butter sauce.

The concept is good Danish dishes - see the weekly menu under "dinner"

We have 26 draft beer taps. We have frequent replacements, and aim to have 100-150 different draft beers inside the taps per year. We strive for variation in depth and width, so that there is beer for every taste, and beer that goes well with the food we serve. In addition, we have a nice selection of bottled beers, which also change over the year, and so they suit the seasons.

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