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The story behind

Restaurant 1971
En del af Frederik VI

HCØ Vej 28A

TLF 53531971


FREDERIK VI ØLBAR og SPISESTED is one of the now classic and well-integrated places in the restaurant environment on, and in the area of, Frederiksberg Alle.

The restaurant is distinguished by its special location, and not least its "combination concept" in relation to a solid beer selection, lunch and dinner, football on the screens, billiards, indoor and outdoor serving, 7 days a week, approximately all year round. And then for his popular, cheerful and Frederiksberg atmosphere.

No white tablecloth on the table - not so many rules and regulations - high to the ceiling, and far to the door. These are some of the ingredients that make good people come to us on a pilgrimage, to enjoy the good company, and to be serviced by our experienced and dedicated employees.



Frederik VI Ølbar og Spisested is located on the old Frederiksberg and is named after the autocratic king, who spent his summer holidays at his castle in Frederiksberg Garden. The business was originally built as a bank in 1908, but was converted into a patisserie, the Tivoli Confectionery, around 1920. Some of our regular customers may report that they came to the patisserie as children. In 1973 another change came and a new pub was born. With its location on Copenhagen's theater street, both the patisserie and the pub have over the years been a resting place for contemporary artists, including Dan Turell, whose picture today hangs over his old home.

On a daily basis, we serve classic Danish lunch. For the meal you can enjoy a draft beer from one of our 26 taps and a wonderful schnapps. Every night from 18-20 is served the dish of the day, e.g. we serve fried pork and parsley sauce on Wednesday evening - Denmark's national dish. The menu card contains predominantly Danish food, with a focus on fish and the classic dishes - both for lunch and dinner. Complemented by some vegan alternatives.

Today, new and old regular customers mix with each other, and old traditions are maintained while new ones are introduced. Among other things, a pub quiz for teams is held on the first Thursday of every month, and we naturally turn on our screens when the national team or other big teams play football. We regularly update our various events on Facebook.

We take pride in the fact that everyone should feel welcome in an unpretentious and pleasant atmosphere, and that you can have a comfortable respite in everyday life or a cozy moment on the weekend. We like to listen to our customers' opinions, also when it comes to beer and menus. We regularly change the range within both beer and spirits and strive to have something for everyone at all times.


Welcome to Frederik VI Ølbar og Spisested


Ann-Christin and Jimmy

OBS at Restaurant 1971 på HCØ Vej 28A også er en del af Frederik VI. Her finder I en traditionel restaurant.
Tlf 53531971

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