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Dinner every day, all week:

We serve dinner on all days of the week in the period 18-20. There are three dishes on the menu - the dish of the day - which varies from day to day, classic Parisian steak and pan-fried plaice fillets with sauce and boiled potatoes. The concept is good Danish dishes, and we have fried pork and parsley sauce on Wednesdays. Price for today's dish is between DKK 109 and DKK 179.

It is recommended that you book a table either in the store, on telephone 33 31 33 38, on Facebook or via the contact form on the left.



Monday: Krebinetter with stewed peas and carrots

Tuesday: Cracked beef breast with potatoes and horseradish sauce

Wednesday: Fried pork with parsley sauce ad libitum

Thursday: Minced beef with soft onions, brown sauce and potatoes

Friday: Tenderloin stew with rice or mashed potatoes

Saturday: Wienerschnitzel with roasted potatoes and garnish

Sunday: Changing dishes according to the chef's choice, call if necessary.

* a little green is sought for all dishes


In addition, it is served daily every evening, every day of the week :

the law of the day, as set out above

- classic Parisian steak with garnish

pan-fried plaice fillets with sauce and potatoes

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