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Hold your Christmas lunch with us!

We serve a homemade, classic Christmas lunch to both small and large companies every year from November 10 to December 23.

This year we pamper our guests with:

  • Two kinds of herring with curry salad

  • Warm, butter-fried, home-baked plaice fillet with remoulade

  • Crayfish tail salad

  • Tartelets with chicken and asparagus

  • Warm comb roast with red cabbage

  • Liver pate with bacon and roasted mushrooms

  • Brie cheese with olives

  • Rice á la mande with warm cherry sauce

Price DKK 318, - pr. person


Purchase rights:

  • Chicken salad

  • Bacon

  • Warm tenderloin steaks with soft onions and sour

  • Coffee and cake

Price DKK 40, - pr. ret pr. person


The menu is not an ad libitum buffet. The food is served on plates / bowls at the table. The same is served for all guests in the company.


When ordering, DKK 100 must be paid per. envelope (binding reservation, which is not refunded in case of cancellation).


For lunch events, we can not guarantee the table after kl. 17.30.


The above will be served from 10 November until and including 23 December 2018 (possibly also between Christmas and New Year).

Contact us on tel. 33 31 33 38 or via reservation button here:

Table reservations are made on tel. No.

33 31 33 38 or


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